What new with xili-language 2.23.11 ?

The latest version includes a better management of the metabox of translations in the new Gutenberg universe which considerably upsets the interface and its mode of dialogue with the database.

Of course, we can easily make columns (for example).

But, for the developer, we must reconsider all the interfaces that were added to assist the publisher, the editor.

Can not add a simple “input” with few lines of php:

Strong knowledge of JS (reactive) is needed. In addition, it is first of all a minimum block that must be added.

Example: it was easy to add the check box for the permalink to be adapted according to the modified title of the translated article. In classic mode, it was not far from the update button, put online. Now, this is no longer possible, so it is under the list of translations. Like the other checkboxes in the list, the gutenberg mode, detects a change (check, uncheck, …) and then triggers the process js, json and updates the contents (and links between the various translations).

checkbox is on bottom left…