FTP on Mac OSX high Sierra (10.3.x)

Regulary, each time my iMac for dev. is updated (now high Sierra 10.3.6), each time the FTP of MacOs server is discontinued (stopped) : impossible to use Fetch and FTP to update wordpress in web local server or mamp instance.
Again, after spending more than multiple hours searching useful posts or forums, here is resumed how to update ftp and activate sftp:

Step #1 : update ftp install via brew

if brew is installed, with homebrew you can accomplish this with the following brew command:
brew install inetutils
be patient, the process takes time and time to time is verbose

Step #2 : test ftp – the connection

if ftp is well installed, use terminal

bash-3.2$ ftp localhost
ftp: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
ftp: Trying …
ftp: connect to address Connection refused
ftp: Trying fe80::1%lo0 …
ftp: connect to address fe80::1%lo0: Connection refused
ftp: no response from host

enter quit to recover here bash terminal

At this step, it was impossible to log with ftp (port 21) protocol and username/password 🙁 !

Step #3 : authentication via ssh (thanks to MAMP support)

• Go Mac OSX System Preferences => Sharing.
• Enable Remote Login.
You will see:
Remote Login: On
To log in to this computer remotely, type “ssh username@xxx.xxx.x.xx”.

Step #4 : set ftp client (here fetch)

In your FTP client, create a new SFTP connection with the settings:
• Server: xxx.xxx.x.xx
• User Name: username
• Password: your user password for the system

Step #5 : configure wp-config to enable automatic core or plugin updating

define(“FTP_HOST”, “xxx.xxx.x.xx:22”);
define(“FTP_USER”, “username”);
define(“FTP_PASS”, “your user password for the system”);
define(“FTP_SSL”, true);
define(“FS_METHOD”, “ssh2” ); // need ssh-sftp-updater-support plugin in localhost wp server if php server don’t have ssh2 extension

This plugin – ssh-sftp-updater-support – available in wp repository is important if php install of apache server don’t have ssh2 extension.

And now all is working with sftp … until the next macOSX update !

Now this website is powered by WP 4.9.5 and xili-language 2.22.10.

Where is xili-language 2.22.10 downloadable ?

in xiligroup GitHub.

What is the next target ?

Cleaning the code (some parts are 10 years old !) to ship 3.0 !!

Is xili-language compatible with Gutenberg ?

Yes since Gutenberg version 2.7 (April 18th 2018). Gutenberg now follow the rules to display (or not) custom taxonomies as language used by xili-language since 2009 in admin/editor post edit screen.

An exclusive and single quality

The future version of xili-language (here active) introduces an exclusive and single quality : it is now possible to attach several languages to a post. A post can be multilingual so searchable from several ways.

Useful when content multiple paragraphs in different languages (next line in german…)

Nützlich beim Inhalt mehrere Absätze in verschiedenen Sprachen.